Excerpts & Features

From critic clown
By Paul Vos Benkowski

From Long Shot Odyssey
By Walter Bruno

Palio del Viccio and the Festival of St. Nicholas
From Aunt Pig of Puglia: Ricordi de La Familia Ferri
By Patricia Catto

From Daughter! I Forbid Your Recurring Dream!
By James Chapman

Origins of FIS (Factory in a Suitcase)
An excerpt from Redshift: Greenstreem
By Rod Clark

From Redshift: Greenstreem
By Rod Clark

From Sugar Road
By Rod Clark

By Esther Clibon

Mitchum & Stewart
From Unconscious Cinema
By Jeffrey Corcoran

On Levertov
By Kevin Ducey

From The Land, Always the Land
By Mel Ellis

Canto 81 The crow and the jay
By R. Virgil Ellis

Canto 82 The center and from the center
By R. Virgil Ellis

Canto 90 oh this is good
By R. Virgil Ellis

Five Poems
By R. Virgil Ellis

From The Tenting Cantos
By R. Virgil Ellis

Fear and Loathing in Seattle
(or: How I Almost Became a Serial Killer)

By Cal Godot

Gonzago the Boy Wonder
From a work in progress
By Cal Godot

For Harold Brodkey
By Marcus Gray

Non-Committal Blurbs for Soft-Hearted or Weak-Willed Book Reviewers
By William Ham

Glass Cocoon (poem)
By Christopher J. Jarmick

From The Glass Cocoon (novel)
By Christopher J. Jarmick & Serena F. Holder

By Chris Lanier

The Girl Who Washed Her Hands
By John Lehman

From Shrine of the Tooth Fairy
By John Lehman

Ten "Shorts"
By John Lehman

By Eva Augustin Rumpf

César Vallejo -- Two Poems
Translated by Mary Sarko

Greta's Wail of GreatPlains Law
From GreatPlains: A Prairie Lovesong
By David Steingass

Waking from a Dream of Grief
By David Steingass

Three Poems
By Jim Stevens

An Award for Elia Kazan
By Jan Levine Thal

From Commie Dearest
By Jan Levine Thal

By Jan Levine Thal

The Stripping of Saint Joan
By Noel Vera

Henry James Discovers Hypertext
By Bob Wake

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