Web Accelerator Installation

Before you can use our web acceleration product, you must contact us and have your account activated.  Once you have done this, you may proceed with the installation.

Click here to download the acceleration client software.  You should see the following dialog box:

Click on 'Open'.  It will take some time for the software to download to your computer.  Eventually, you will see the following dialog:

Once you see this dialog, close any browsers you have open.  Then click 'Next' and you should see the following dialog:

You must check the check box agreeing to the license agreement and click 'Next'.  You should see the following:

Click 'Next' and you should see the following:

Click the 'Finish' button.  You should now see the following:

Enter your username@badgerinternet.com as the username and your password.  They should be the same as your dial-up username and password but you must remember to add @badgerinternet.com to the username.  Then click OK.  Now open your browser.  In the lower right hand corner of the screen in the systray, you should see the following:

If you do, you have successfully setup the web accelerator software.  Now just use the Internet like you normally would. 

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